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ISO Network Benefits

1Licensed, Insured & Bonded: We Licensed by the State of Georgia as an Electrical Contractor Insured and Bonded.  Our credentials assure you that you are conducting business with a legitimate company who holds the necessary state contractors license, business license, insurance certificates and surety bonds.

2Systems Group Expertise: We have an experienced Systems Group of Surveillance Specialists on staff to assure your security camera system is designed properly according to your requirements from the onset.  Furthermore, we belong to a network of Manufacturer Systems Groups to provide an even greater depth of resource.

3Experienced Technicians: Our installation and service technicians are factory trained and bring years of experience to the integration of your system.  We assure that a systems specialist is on-site at every critical way point of the integration to be certain the system design is being implemented at every step.

4Synergy: Because ISO Network is a complete Integration, Security and Optic company we bring the synergy of expertise from not only the CCTV arena but can integrate your system in with other components of your facility such as Access Control, Burglar Alarm, Video Distribution, Business & Home Automation to name a few.

Core Integration Services

Below is a list of the included core integration features that ISO Network provides on every project.

  • Lifetime Cable Structure Warranty
    ISO Network Warranties for the Lifetime of your system all cable structure and connectivity that we install.  Should your cable structure or connections fail at anytime during the lifetime of your system, we will replace or repair the cable structure at absolutely no cost to you..
  • Concealed Cable Structure
    All cable structure installed for your system will be completely concealed within the walls, ceiling, attic, plenum or crawlspace leaving no unsightly cables exposed.  There are rare times when it is physically impossible to hide cable structure without disrupting your wall finish, when this is the case we notify you of such and viable options PRIOR to beginning installation of your security camera system.
  • Professional & Secure Installation
    When we install your DVR, NVR, Cameras and cable structure we take steps to make your system as tamper proof and secure as possible.  Our integrators are not only skilled and experienced but courteous, polite and discreet.
  • Complete DVR Network Configuration
    Unlike many security camera companies, we are TCP/IP Networking professionals and completely configure your network, DVR and computers for Remote Network Accessibility.  Should you have an IT department, we are happy to consult with them for the most secure and easy configuration of your network.  If you do not have an ISP or require an additional network, we can assist in this way as well.
  • FREE Remote Access Support
    As a valued ISO Network client, even after your system is installed, we provide FREE remote support to all of our clients.  If you have a question or problem most times we can solve or even reconfigure your network remotely.
  • Complete Warranty Support
    Once you are a client we do not expect you to have to deal with any potential warranty issues with the manufacturer.  We will support you and assist with any RMA issues so you do not have to worry about contacting them directly.
  • Surveillance Warning Signs & Door Stickers
    A security camera system is a true deterrent to would be thieves.  We provide you with yard signs as well as window and door stickers to let any potential intruder know that your property is protected with a state-of-the-art video surveillance security system.

While we serve primarily the Greater Atlanta area, we are just as ready to serve all of Georgia.  Furthermore, we have installation and service network associates in many other areas such as South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Michigan. Give us a call today and experience the very best service and customer support.

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