Security Cameras Revolutionize How You Do Business.

Video Surveillance isn't just for security anymore.  Our clients are finding multiple benefits to their business operations by deploying surveillance in their business model!  Employee Management, Risk Management, Shrinkage, Liability, Customer Service Tracking, Quality Control and Client Project Monitoring are just a few of the business benefits we can provide.

atlanta business securityProtecting your Business is by far one of the most important issues.  You have invested too much in your business to allow a stranger or even an employee take it away.  Intrusion alarms are great but only let you know when someone has broken in when the alarm is set.  Security cameras watch for you 24 hours a day and tell you exactly who did what and when.

atlanta security audio warning speakerIntegrated CCTV systems can provide so much more than video archives of what has transpired.  Our integrated systems can incorporate Recorded Audio either as a deterrent or even as a marketing tool. We can program any camera to cause a broadcast audio recording on any scheduled event that occurs within any area designated by you.

Read more to hear how it can work as a security deterrent or a targeted marketing tool.

pos video surveillance atlanta georgiaMost inside theft and shrinkage occurs at the cash register of your business.  Often with just video surveillance it is difficult to determine exactly what transpired in a transaction.  Our POS (Point of Sale) Transaction Insertion takes your transactions and prints them directly to your video screen and records not only the activities of both customer and employee but items, price, refunds, change due and every aspect that your POS or cash register transacts.